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Cynthia Kaplan is a NYC based writer, musician and actress. She is the author of two acclaimed collections of comic essays, Why I’m Like This: True Stories, a Barnes & Nobel Discover Great New Writers book and a Booksense bestseller, and Leave the Building Quickly. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Magazine, The Week, Playboy and the Huffington Post among many other publications. She wrote and produced for Andrea Rosen's Take Me to Your Mother on Nickelodeon (including the theme song), and for A & E Biography. She co-wrote the comic short This Won't Hurt a Bit for Morgan Spurlock's We the Economy. Kaplan has appeared in many plays and some films, including the indie darlings Work; Pipe Dream, which she co-wrote; and Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Kaplan’s songs have won national and international song contests, her music videos have appeared in comedy film festivals, and she has written jingles for commericials and theme songs for TV shows. She plays regularly in clubs and music venues throughout the country with her band, The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal. Their first album, Fangry, shot to #8 katrillion on the pop charts. Kaplan co-hosts the monthly comedy show Lean Over with comedian Karen Bergreen and tours regularly with Sean Altman of Jewmongous. She has never appeared on Law & Order.




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"Knee slapping hilarious... Fans of David Sedaris or Anne Lamott will appreciate (Kaplan's) quirky way of looking at life's intricacies." —USA Today

"Quick-witted, neatly written and unapologetically grandiose... in the spirit of Dorothy Parker... (Why I'm Like This) renders weird and rowdy scenarios with style." —The New York Times


It's high time those of us who grew up as goody-two- shoes got a hilarious advocate." - Bust Magazine

Kaplan once again taps into the self-deprecation vein—to wise, poignant, and often hilarious effect. She knows how to turn random happenings into moments of revelation. -Book list


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Friday, May 17, NY Music comedy Festival, 50 Funny songs, 9:30 pm @ The Friar’s Club, 57 E. 55th Street, NYC

Friday, May 1, NY Music Comedy Festival, Happy Hour show, 6 pm @ Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lormer St, Brooklyn

Tues. Sept 24, Lean Over Comedy Show, stand up New York, 236 W. 78TH ST, NYC, Special Guests Jim Gaffigan, Cory Kahaney, Zarna Garg

Sat. Oct 19, Bahama Fundraiser, Union Square Kitchen, 8 pm.

Tues. Oct 22, Lean over comedy show, 8 pm, stand up New york, 236 W. 78TH ST, NYC, Special Guests: Jessica kirson, Jeannie Gaffigan

Sat. Nov 16, Odd rock comedy our, 7:30 pm, Q.E.D., 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria

Tues Dec 11, lean over comedy show, stand up New york, 236 W. 78TH ST, NYC, Special Guests: Cory Kahaney, Sean altman

Sat. jan 18, The un-naugural concert, 7:30 pm, Montgomery college, Rockville, MD, with Tom Chapin

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Hey, I know I haven't mentioned it, but roaring inot year four of Lean Over! What's Lean Over and why have I not mentioned it? It's a comedy variety show hosted by Yours Truly and Karen Bergreen and I'm lazy. It happens the last Tuesday of every month, at the iconic comedy club Stand Up New York. Our guests have included Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black, Corey Kahaney, Janelle James, Judy Gold, Dave Hill, Ted Alexandro, Myq Kaplan (no relation--there are thousands of us), Mike Albo, Marina Franklin, Jeannie Gaffigan, AJ Jacobs, Ophira Eisenberg, Jessica Kirson, Josh Gondelman, Roy Wood Jr., Carmen Lynch, and sooo many others. We also, because we are totally holier that thou, give the proceeds from each show to an organization whose beneficiaries are under threat by the current REGIME. These have included the ACLU, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Physicians for Reproductive Health, and the Equal Justice Initiative. So come. There is alcohol, great comedy and music (mostly mine), and decent food. And you'll do some good for someone, somewhere. You can find us on Facebook (link to, where all great things go to die.




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